3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Commercial Premises


There’s little more exhilarating than the rush of starting your own business.

Branching out solo is enough to ignite every corpuscle in your body, not to mention the gratification gleaned from giving your belligerent ex-boss the news or the pleasure gained from watching your former colleagues eyeing you with disdain.

But slow down there, cowboy.

Before you get too cocky and follow the doomed flight path of 50 per cent of all new businesses that crash and burn in the first two years, you must be armed with the knowledge to take your company to the next level and avoid becoming just another statistic …

… and one of the most important parts of this journey is the search for perfect premises.

If you’ve never had to buy or rent a premises before, though, it can be a tense experience, with some fledgling business owners enthusiastically diving in with two feet, only to end up with a property that’s undoubtedly unsuitable and often over budget.

If you want to avoid the same fate and having your business dreams collapse like a soggy house of cards situated on top of a washing machine, you better check out our three top tips, below, for finding the perfect commercial premises …

Take Advantage of the Internet

It’s obvious the web has made the modern business owners life easier, and nowhere is this more evident than in the search for commercial premises. Whether you’re looking for a vast warehouse or a modest shop to rent, take your initial exploration phase online to learn more about your options.

It’s All About Location

If your business is looking to attract passing foot traffic, it makes sense for it to be located in a pedestrianised area. After all, if people can’t find your shop without trudging up to some dreary industrial estate, your firm has very little chance of increasing that all-important bottom line.

Don’t Blow Your Budget

For any business owner, whether they’re Donald Trump or Donald from Dundee, keeping an eye on the figures is extremely important – and your steely financial gaze shouldn’t wander when it comes to finding a premises. Put simply, know your budget and stick to it, lest you’re quickly left penniless.

Now we want to hear from you …

Have you recently started your own business and carried out a search for premises? What obstacles did you come up against? How did you overcome them?

Perhaps you’re an experienced business owner with a burning desire to pass on your knowledge to a budding entrepreneur?

Whatever your experience, please get involved by joining the conversation and leaving a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.


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