5 Business Communication Tools that Will Give Your Startup the Edge


Pûpûkâhi i holomua is an old Hawaiian proverb that roughly translates to “Unite to move forward.” In other words, all individuals of a team, whether it’s a canoe or a start-up, must work in sync in order to achieve their goals. New technologies and breakthroughs in business communications can give your start-up the infrastructure it needs for success.

VoIP Provides a Fresh Alternative to Traditional Phone Service

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Short for “voice over Internet Protocol,” VoIP is provides start-ups with crystal clear telephone calls without the need for traditional landlines. The overhead for VoIP systems is considerably lower, because it utilizes the brilliantly fluid infrastructure of the high-speed Internet.

Plus, the general flexibility of VoIP allows you to custom fit it to the needs and size of your business. 79 percent of customers prefer to contact companies by phone, and VoIP is the key to maintaining efficient and professional customer service.

Email Hosting Providers Simplify Correspondence

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Although today’s high-speed Internet tends to make it near instantaneous, email can still be as slow as snail mail if it’s not managed properly. The savvy start-up would be wise to set-up an account with a top-rated email hosting provider, which can streamline communication between consumers, staff, clients, and investors.

Automated messages and responses mean you have more time to focus on what’s important. Surveys show that people may spend up to 138% more on products if they’re marketed via email, so having a unique @yourstartupname.com wouldn’t hurt either.

The Power of Mobile Engages Consumers Like Never Before

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An estimated four out of five smartphone users made a purchase through their device in 2012. Having a mobile presence not only engages your customers on a more intimate level, but it also provides a new cost-effective marketing platform.

Just think –– how else would you be able to promote and sell your products and services while your target demographic lies in bed, rides the bus, or sits on the toilet?

Cloud Collaboration Streamlines Data Management and Access

The “Cloud” is a convenient way to store data for remote use. It’s essentially the pinnacle of dropbox technology –– one employee drops a file in the Cloud, and everyone else in your company has access to it from their own desktop or mobile device.

Many Cloud services are free up to a certain amount of data, and even then are more affordable and convenient than passing around flash drives. Combined with Business VoIP technologies, Cloud collaboration streamlines business processes and spurs innovation.

Project Management Systems Keep Everything On Track

Are you and your team constantly double-checking each other to see what’s been done? Do you leave sticky notes in haphazard places around the office? A Project Management System (PMS) could clear up any intra-office confusion and imbue your start-up with the productivity of a Model T assembly line.  Administrative tasks, cost-analysis, communication, and scheduling are but a few of the many benefits a good PMS provides.

Business communication technology is a vital and often neglected component of any endeavor, big or small. Take the time to understand your start-up’s goals and how tools like VoIP and Clouds can get you there.


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