6 Situations in Which You’ll Need a Good Lawyer

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Don’t listen to all the negative press that lawyers get, however much we say we dislike them, we all need them. And we all need good ones! When you find yourself in a situation when you need a lawyer, you’ll be glad they’re there to help!

There are all sorts of situations in which you’ll need a lawyer, and the chances are, most of us will find ourselves in one of them.


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1. When You’re Injured at Work

Workplace injuries are always difficult to deal with. If you’re badly injured, you may need to take an extended period out of work which means a loss of earnings. This can often mean that you’re left scrabbling around for money to make ends meet.

You might be due some compensation for your accident though. If your accident was the result of employer negligence, get in contact with a personal injury lawyer who can help win damages on a no win, no fee basis.

2. When Going Through a Divorce

Divorces are stressful, so you want to make sure the whole process moves as quickly and cleanly as possible. This is never easy, and a lot of people think it means going through the divorce without lawyers.

Lawyers don’t have to be a source of hostility and conflict though. Resources like Marital Action Pasadena can offer more info on what a lawyer can offer to you. Divorce lawyers can often help with negotiations and make the process much more smooth.

3. When You’re Being Sued

Whether the suit is big or small, you need a lawyer on your side if there is someone trying to sue you. There is not really any alternative, no sensible one anyway.

Together with your lawyer you will be able to build a strong defence against the action. The lawyer knows the law and you know your situation, so together you should be able to prove your innocence as effectively as is possible.

4. When You Have a Court Appearance

The same as when you’re sued, the only sensible route to take is to hire a lawyer. You can, of course, try to defend yourself against the prosecutors but unless you have an intimate understanding of criminal law, it’s not recommended.

Depending on what crime you’ve been charged with, you may need a different kind of criminal lawyer. Different lawyers have different specialisations, so choose the right one for your case.

5. When Your Boss Mistreats You

If you are wrongfully dismissed by your employer, you have the right to challenge the decision at a tribunal. You should try to appeal internally or come to an agreement with your employer, but if you can’t, you’ll need a lawyer before the tribunal starts.

6. When Sealing a Business Contract

Business lawyers make sure that nobody gets ripped off during business transactions. If you risk it and don’t get a lawyer involved, you might live to regret it later.

Your business lawyer can also look after other areas of your business, they can help make sure you don’t fall foul of any dodgy clients or businesses. And they can make sure you stay on the right side of the law, preventing costly lawsuits.


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