6 Ways To Improve Your Business Website Right Now


Your website is the central hub of your web presence. It sells your products, explains your services and shows off your skills. More than that, it defines your brand and personality; it tells your story and connects with customers. It is essential that your website operates at its best. With that in mind, take a second today to rethink your site. Is it working as well as it could be? Here are six easy things you can do, right now, to improve your business website.


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1. Install a big, enticing call-to-action

A call-to-action is the big button that makes conversions happen. It’s usually the ‘buy’ button, an email sign up form or a link to more information. The first step to a powerful call-to-action button is defining your website’s purpose. What do you want to achieve right now? If it’s more sales, make it all about product. If it’s building social media presence, direct people to Facebook. Now use teasing and enticing copy to make sure people click on it.

2. Simplify your site

As we said before, you need to define the purpose of your website. Prioritise its function and highlight the main one or two features. Simplicity is king when it comes to your online presence. When customers land on your site, make it easy for them. Tell them immediately what you do and where to go next. Direct them to your call-to-action with simplicity.

3. Integrate your social media and email sign ups

Your social media community is the beating heart of your company. It’s where your customers hang out, exchange ideas and debate. Use Facebook and Twitter’s API to include ‘like’ and ‘tweet’ boxes on every piece of content. Make sure users can instantly follow your social media profiles with a single click. Finally, integrate a sign up form for emails and collect as many as possible.

4. Easy contact information

There’s nothing worse than searching high and low for contact info. And don’t even get us started on ‘contact forms’. Your customers need to be able to make a real connection with an actual email address. Make it simple and encourage communication.


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5. Optimise for search engines

Google is your gateway to lots of traffic and potential customers! Did you know there are little secrets to improving your presence on Google? First of all, go back through your content and strengthen the keywords, titles and metadata. Make sure Google can find your site. Visit http://www.resultsfirst.co.nz for more information on SEO and getting seen on Google.

6. What are your analytics telling you?

If you don’t regularly dive into the deep ocean of Google Analytics, you should. In fact, do it now. Get a sense of how many people are visiting your site. What content are they devouring? Where are they coming from and who is referring them to your site? This information is vital to honing your product and services. Use these stats to make your site better.

Everything on this list is easy and quick. They’ll have a huge impact on your web traffic and user engagement. Let us know how it goes!


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