Boosting Business With Digital Signage


Technology is allowing our society, and businesses to evolve, grow, and change at a rate unprecedented in history. The reality is, businesses open, grow, achieve sales of millions, and sometimes fail due to a lack of innovation in a matter of a decade or two. Trends indicate this will only continue to happen more and more.

For businesses that embrace technology this rapid pace creates an opportunity. The opportunity to quickly get products to market, modify their marketing, create viral videos, and display them pushing content out to the masses through more mediums than ever.

There is however one area where many lag, in their stores. Digital signage and its use in a retail environment have lagged its adaptation inside corporate offices and boardrooms. Digital signage, from companies like Videonations, offers a world of opportunities for companies, which have embraced it; they can change prices, and menu offerings with the flick of a button.


The quick service restaurant industry is one such business which most benefits from implementing digital signage. Most restaurant products are manufactured or cooked in house, and have a limited shelf life. A reality of business is the occurrence of overcooking, as customer trends are hard to predict as they literally change daily.

For the pub industry and quick service restaurants customers expect quick service. This necessitates having much of the preparation work done for the day. Digital signage allows these businesses to respond to a situation of overstock by quickly adding and displaying a promotion on the over prepared product, thus encouraging customers to choose it.

It has also helped them, as many laws and regulations now require nutrition information be displayed. Thus it allows them to continue to have daily specials, as they can readily add and change products. Not to mention it makes changing prices a breeze.


One of the largest challenges on the banking front is making customers aware of all of the products offered by banks in the modern marketplace. Nowadays, banks carry a diverse array of products ranging from traditional checking accounts to a staggering assortment of online banking options. Unfortunately, there is not time for a bank to adequately introduce its entire line of products to customers who walk through the door. The customer simply wants to come in and get out of the bank. Sale pitches, which are delivered by customer service representatives, are often interrupted before they begin.


Financial institutions, which deploy digital signage, are able to adapt their content to fit the typical customer profile for different times of day. This means they can target product and service offerings at a demographic most likely to consume them. It also gets their messaging out to the consumer, who sees a product which is clearly of benefit, and asks to be enrolled in the service. It has also been found the reputation of the bank increases after the digital signage is installed.

Other Applications

There are many other applications for digital signage. All of them allow a business to enhance its product offering, consumer upsells, and allow businesses to more quickly and cheaply respond to changing consumer demands. Unlike traditional print signs, these can be updated at the push of a button. This means a business using digital displays is ready to take on the speed of today’s world, right now.


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