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All about Penal Code PC 273.5,

Penal Code PC 273.5 is a statute in California in which, all the physical injury done by their intimate partner falls in. The crime of domestic violence is included here. According to the code, the intimate partner might be harassing the other partner with any of the corporal injury; they will be considered as a criminal according to the code. Corporal injury stands for any of the physical injuries whether it is small or the serious injury. Who can be considered as Intimate partner? Many Read more [...]
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Common Burn Injuries that Could Happen at Work

There are workplaces that are more dangerous than others. It is true for outdoor sites or areas that constantly deal with the harsh impact of nature. The same thing can be said about mining sites and oil drilling sites. However, even if you don’t work on these sites, you can still be at risk. As a corporate employee, you could still end up with injuries. Here are some of the most common workplace burn injuries you need to understand and what to do after suffering from the said injuries. Chemical Read more [...]
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What to do when you have been Charged with Drug Possession

Drug charges can happen to anyone, and the most seemingly ethical and honest of people may have their entire reputation destroyed and their careers put in jeopardy due to them being arrested for being found in possession of drugs. It is not always hardened criminals who get arrested for drug possession, sometimes it is just a person who uses them for recreational reasons, and has an otherwise spotless demeanour and conduct. For this reason, CEGA Criminal Law is here to help those who would otherwise Read more [...]
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Pregnancy, Motherhood and Discrimination in the Workplace

Women giving birth and having a family is of course a perfectly normal part of life’s journey and a happy event when you start a family. Despite the natural circumstances of pregnancy and motherhood, there are unfortunately plenty of women who encounter discrimination at work when it comes to maternity leave and other issues related to being pregnant and raising a family. Being a new and expectant mother in the workplace If you find yourself in the position of becoming pregnant and have Read more [...]
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3 Obvious Situations to Hire Reliable Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you aware that huge arrays of personal injury claims are filed in Minnesota each year? Over the past few years, this particular field of law has gained tremendous popularity as more and more people have become conscious across the nation. Such consciousness has contributed in the massive emergence of lawyers all over the country. However, it is crucial that you choose the right and dependable personal injury lawyer Minnesota so that you receive good amount of compensation in a legal manner. It Read more [...]
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The skills you need to succeed in law

The law is an intricate and challenging place to build the foundations of a career. When you search Jennifer Atiku, you’ll find many of the qualities that are needed to become successful as a lawyer or paralegal. A former journalist and professor who recently passed the bar exam, Jennifer is just one example of what makes a good lawyer. Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar celebrates his wife passing the bar in this recent news article. Determination and a strong sense of justice are just the Read more [...]
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6 Essential Questions You Must Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you have been severely injured in an accident, you want to be assured that you will be have the best chance of getting compensation. A good accident lawyer could be the difference between an excellent result and going home with nothing. Here are some essential questions for personal injury lawyers that you must ask - and they should be happy to respond. Are You Qualified To Take The Case? Find out how long the lawyer has been practicing, and where they got their qualifications from. Look into Read more [...]
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Thinking About Taking Your Ex-Employer To Court? Read This

If you’ve been unfairly dismissed by a former employer then it can be very tempting to want retribution. Even if revenge isn’t on your agenda, justice is. It’s only right that you get the outcome you deserve. After failing to agree on a settlement out of court, filing a lawsuit seems to be the only viable option. Is it? Court can be a scary place at the best of times, but especially when you are taking on a former employer as they have the added advantage of extra wealth and power. The expenses Read more [...]
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What Should You Do If You Are Injured on Someone Else’s Business Premises?

A major part of running your own business is collaborating with other companies and clients. Sometimes dealing with other people necessitates a visit to their business premises. Unfortunately, there is always a risk when you visit somewhere that you're unfamiliar with. While all the employees will have received safety and health training, you aren't aware of the hazards present. You could end up suffering an accident or injury while visiting someone else at their premises, through no fault of your Read more [...]
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Easy Guide To Areas Of The Law That Could Affect You

When you are trying to understand all the different areas of the law that may affect you in life, there is a lot to take in. It is usually better to speak to a lawyer that has committed his or her work life to a single area of the law where they can truly excel. This specialist often delivers expertise and experience to help you with your specific case. If you are unsure where to start when it comes to picking the right lawyer for you, here are some basic guidelines to give you an idea about each Read more [...]
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