Common Burn Injuries that Could Happen at Work


There are workplaces that are more dangerous than others. It is true for outdoor sites or areas that constantly deal with the harsh impact of nature. The same thing can be said about mining sites and oil drilling sites.

However, even if you don’t work on these sites, you can still be at risk. As a corporate employee, you could still end up with injuries. Here are some of the most common workplace burn injuries you need to understand and what to do after suffering from the said injuries.

Chemical burns

This happens when a harsh chemical comes in contact with a soft tissue in your body like the skin, eyes and ears. This includes acids, thinning agents, solvents, etc. The degree of the problem varies depending on how much of these chemicals comes in contact with your body.

Electrical burns

This usually happens to people working with electrical wires or anything related to electricity. However, even regular office workers could suffer from electrical burns. This can happen by touching a functioning socket or wire or slipping into electrified water.

Thermal burns

This can happen if you come in contact with flames or steam. It also happens when you accidentally touch hot objects like pipes and engines. Outdoor jobs that expose you to the sun could lead to thermal radiation burns.

Aside from burning your skin, other medical complications could happen. You might suffer from infection and cardiac arrest. If you already have a medical problem, it could also complicate things. Eventually, this could lead to partial or total disability.

There are also different ratings for skin burns. The most serious is the fourth-degree burn as it penetrates beneath the skin. This can cause nerve damage and even extends to the bones. In many cases, this type of skin burn is fatal and only a few people have survived it especially if the affected area is quite large.

What to do next

After suffering any of these problems, you have to ask for burn at work compensation. You need to file a report first on the same day just to inform the management about what happened. You will then go to a doctor just to get a medical certificate and immediate treatment. Once you are ready, you can file a burn injury claim. You need the best legal experts by your side to help you.

They will make sure that you get the compensation you deserve. They will also guide you so that you won’t feel intimidated going against a huge company. You will suffer more than just physical pain after the incident. You should at least get paid to cover the medical fees.



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