For Small Business, Print Isn’t Dead


For years now, journalist and analysts have been warning of the decline of the newspaper, publishing, and general printing in articles just like this. It is true that former titans in the printing industry have taken huge hits and continue to seek out ways to find their footing in an increasingly digital world. On our own blog we’ve posted about the importance of new forms of marketing, but, the printed word is far from dead. Small businesses all over are finding that perhaps more than ever having a solid, physical piece of marketing like what’s offered by could be worth a lot even in the social media age of 2015, and the print shops themselves are seeing their business thrive.

It’s All in the Details

This recent human interest piece details a small printing firm in America called Bogus printing that not only provides services to their local community, but has gone on to gain international clients. Serving major corporations like L.L. Bean and Saudi Airlines with printed labels right alongside the small brochures they help craft for other businesses in their local town is a great reminder that not everything has gone digital.

From pamphlets to name tags, it’s these smaller items where the printed word continues to thrive, and the digital age and connectivity of the Internet only makes it easier for small presses to jump in on the action in markets even half way around the world. For these little details, the digital marketplace has actually expanded the possibilities for small printing presses.

Everyone Can Still Get Something Out of Paper

Besides their own success, the owners of Bogus paper and many other similar businesses find something special about what they make and the way it impacts their community. With so many larger corporations caught up in social media and finding new ways to use the Internet to promote themselves, it can be refreshing to see a local business hand out a flyer, put up a poster, or craft a clever brochure.

These paper advertisements might not be as immediate, but they do help to strengthen a business’ place in their community. With so much emphasis put on branding, logos, and tweeting so that Internet users will recognize a company in an instant, it’s great to think about the simpler signs and paper products that help people recognize their favorite shop in town. While some business owners might be afraid that using paper flyers and posters will make them feel old fashioned, It can actually help small businesses feel more special, unique, and local.

Bigger newspapers might have lost a lot of business to those preferring to cart their iPad around town instead of folded pages, but paper isn’t gone for good. With so many presses out there continuing to do well, even on a global scale, printing presses themselves will always find niches where they’ll be needed. Meanwhile, other small businesses should take note and not write paper off as a thing of the past either. Those businesses that are willing to embrace some of the older forms of marketing might just be surprised by brand new results.


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