From Conventions to Conferences: Preparing Your Company Car for a Long Business Trip


You need to prepare your car for any long journey and when you are headed for an important business convention or conference, you want to ensure that you get there safely and on time.

Company car compensation claims are not that unusual according to personal injury and accident attorney on Staten Island,, so you need to try and make sure that you and your car are ready for a long business trip.

Preparing your car in advance of your trip

Once you have the road trip date in your diary and the departure day is fast approaching, you need to make certain that your maintenance is up to date and in line with its service schedule.

Check to ensure that your car is still within its serviceable period and that it has not been too long since the oil and air filter were changed. If the car is near to completing the mileage limit where the next service is due or it might be passed by the time you return from your long trip, it would make sense to book a service.

If you don’t have time to do that before you go, at least make sure you check all the fluid levels and water reservoirs are checked, as well taking a look at the tires, to see if there is still plenty of wear in them.

Pack a car kit

To give you extra peace of mind and potentially get you out of a fix in an emergency, look to equip your car with both a first aid and also an emergency kit as well.

A first aid kit can be picked up at a variety of stores and you should be able to find one that is comprehensive enough to cater for most minor medical scenarios like cuts and grazes.

When it comes to an emergency kit, there are a number of items that you should consider when putting together the contents yourself. The basic contents should include a couple of roadside flares, a quart of engine oil, a multipurpose tool that gives you pliers, a knife and a screwdriver etc, and some extra fuses together with a flashlight, if you break down in the dark.

Plan a sensible route

Many accidents happen due to the driver being tired or having drunk too much alcohol, so you need to show restraint and plan a sensible route so that you make regular stops to stay alert.

Work out a route which gives you a good number of stops based on your total estimated driving time and the total distance you are traveling to your convention or conference.

The sensible option would be to try and limit your driving time to not much more than four hours each day, so if you can fit it into the schedule, plan some stopovers or some sightseeing, in order to break up the journey and keep you refreshed.


Be sure to check that your car insurance is up to date and verify with the company that you have adequate cover and access to breakdown services, if you need them.

If you have hired a car for the business trip, also make sure that you have had a look at the option to purchase insurance in order to reduce any hire car excess that would be payable after a crash.

Being prepared for a long trip in your car, will help to reduce the odds of something going wrong during your journey, or at least you should be ready as possible to deal with a problem if you have one during your journey.

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