How to Design an Effective Outdoor Banner


Summer is coming and it’s time to turn your attention outside. As the weather gets warmer your business is more visible outdoors. Perhaps you exhibit at trade shows, or you take part in summer events. Even if you do not go anywhere, people still have more opportunity during the summer to notice your business from the outside. Take advantage of this extra visibility by building outdoor banners into your marketing strategy. Outdoor banners can be impactful and striking, but only if they make use of effective design strategies. Find out how to design a banner that gets your business noticed.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

Right before you start the actual design process for the banner and before you think about banner printing, ask yourself some key questions. For example, for how long will you be using your sign; do you need something built to last or something more temporary? Will the sign be in full sunlight or challenging weather conditions? Do you need professional help designing personalized banners or will you buy something “off the shelf”?

Use Simple Design Tactics

PVC banners, pull up banners and roller banners need to be extremely clear and easy to read. You certainly don’t want to clutter your sign with excess text or detail. Once you have worked out your key message, make sure you use a bold and striking design to get it across. Always remember to keep it simple – pop up banners need to be creative but instantly accessible.

Use Creative Colour

Professional printing companies like provide banners in a range of striking and appealing colours so that you can choose exactly what you need to allow your banner to stand out from the crowd. One thing to remember, however, is the effective use of colours rather than putting everything into the mix and hoping for the best. It is important to get the colour contrast right or your banner will be difficult to read. Blue on black or yellow on white is a mistake – no one will be able to read your text. A white background and black letters is the basic colour combination that helps information stand out.

Pick the Right Materials

If you have an outdoor banner, it’s going to get rained on and it will probably have to withstand wind and also natural light. Make sure you pick hardy, tough materials that will allow your design to be enjoyed for a long time. Consider where you are going to display your banner, which will affect how it should be designed, for example, which kinds of fastenings you need and how you are going to secure the banner to wherever you are going to display it. Many outdoor banners are extremely versatile because they pop-up wherever you need them – if portability and convenience are factors, choose something you can easily move around and roll up and store without damage.









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