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Many businesses couldn’t operate without essential vehicles. Delivery trucks are vital for the commerce industry. Company cars are backbone of many modern business. In the construction and manufacturing industry, industrial vehicles are essential. Managing a large fleet of vehicles is not easy for business owners. There is a lot to bear in mind, not least maintenance, insurance and security. Today we’re exploring the intricacies involved in business vehicles. If you’re looking to introduce new motors to your business, consider this your complete guide. If you already have a number of vehicles on the accounts, this post might help you cut some costs.

Choosing the right vehicle. – An efficient and powerful fleet of vehicles all starts with the initial purchase. If you don’t choose the right vehicles for the job, you could lose serious money further down the line. For example, when looking at a fleet of company cars, there are several important factors. The first is fuel efficiency. You want your cars to have the lowest running costs possible on the road. There’s also size, cost and maintenance to consider. The same goes for vans, delivery trucks and construction vehicles.

Insurance – It’s illegal to operate any vehicle without the necessary insurance. One big mistake we see businesses making is insuring each vehicle on its own. The key to saving money here is finding a policy that covers all of your vehicles at once. A group policy will be much more cost efficient. Again, the vehicles you choose will have a big effect on your premium. Look for vehicles that incur a lower insurance where possible.

Maintenance – Every business vehicle has mechanical parts and needs regular maintenance. It’s in your interests to make sure the cars or trucks are regularly checked and repaired. Regular maintenance on the engine, tyres and fluids will keep them running smoothly. Much of this can be done on site yourself. However, we also suggest a professional servicing at least once a year. You’ll get the longest life and most efficient performance when they’re well maintained.

Security – Business vehicles are generally considered fairly high targets for thieves. Delivery trucks and vans often hide valuable goods inside that are prized by burglars. As a business, you can’t afford a security breach or a theft. Use sophisticated tag systems on every vehicle. This way you can track a stolen car or van. It’s also worth installing improved alarms, strengthened locks and immobilisers where possible.

Performance monitoring – Finally, it’s in your interests to monitor the performance of every vehicle. Track its mileage and efficiency. Are they holding up as well as they should? Use GPS trackers and use technology to monitor the engine efficiency. It’s an important way to identify problems within the company. Keep the vehicles running at their best and you’ll save money.

If your business operates a fleet of vehicles, this information will be invaluable. Whether its a fleet of company cars, delivery trucks or industrial vehicles, it all matters. Keep costs down and efficiency up. Find the sweet balance here and you’ll have the best business fleet in town!


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