Investing in Good Quality Office Stationery Pays off


So you thought Parker pens are only for the elite? Many get influenced by such promotional ads and think that expensive pens, pencils, and other stationery are a privilege of the rich and the wealthy, and the rest can do with poor or average quality stationery. This thinking, however, is ill-founded.

Quality Stationery – For Smart Work Presentation

For carrying out any sort of academic or office work, we need to use our brains efficiently. Hours and hours or reading and grasping the lessons in books, analyzing documents at office, correcting errors in documents, preparing project files and folders and sending them to clients, and many other related activities.

We not only need to apply our brains to produce the project documents of the highest quality, but we also need the best quality stationery like print papers, pins, spirally bound files and folders, paper clips, staplers, pens, pencils, envelopes, and many others. A combination of these tangible and intangible factors is responsible for the success of any project work.

office productsImpressing Your Clients

Aesthetics matter even in the most mundane office activities. You may find preparing a folder a routine task, and in your field what matter is numbers, but a well prepared and organized folder is sure to win brownie points with your clients.

Imagine the reaction from your client when you put all the well researched and presented facts inside a file that is of poor quality, stained, or torn. The façade is what makes an impact at the fact sight. If your client is someone who thinks beyond what he sees, you are lucky. Else, all your hard work goes waste!

It is very important to invest in good quality stationery whether your office is big or small. So, make sure you set aside a fraction of your budget for quality office supplies. Some people think it is acceptable to use office supplies that are of average quality. However, when you face dire consequences like important papers coming off the folder and getting lost due to usage of poor quality staplers and staple pins only to hear the sharp and biting remarks from your boss or clients, you will learn an unforgettable lesson. So, things like staplers and staple pins that appear as small stuff to you are actually critical ingredients in office projects.

Attracting More Clients

Apart from buying good quality staplers, staple pins, spirals, papers, pens, and paper clips you must also invest in good quality presentation equipment. Most big companies invest in good quality presentation equipment like projection screens, trolleys, copy boards, and display panels as they have a huge number of clients for whom they need to produce effective and impactful presentations on a regular basis. However, small companies should not hesitate from buying these if they want to grab more clients and expand their business.

Smart paper clips are in high usage currently. Don’t make the mistake of using those awkward and loose folders to stack papers together. These are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Always buy from a reputed stationery dealer.

Documentation and Archival Activities

When your documentation work is up to the mark and perfect, you don’t have to worry about your client pointing at your flaws. You gain the confidence to respond to their queries and any minor errors you might have made. Dirty work clubbed with shabby documentation will soon lead to your client running to another vendor, cancelling your contract, or your boss firing you.

In many companies, where documentation and archival is the prime activity, purchasing supreme quality office supplies becomes a dire need. Moreover, when all the documents are intact and smartly placed, your office looks clean and free of clutter. A cluttered office gives a bad impression on the clients, reduces productivity of office employees, and puts off any new interviewees.

Impressing Your Boss

How many times has it happened that your boss called you in the conference room for an immediate meeting and you were falling short of a good notepad? You took some leftover sheets and a pen only to find yourself scribbling shabbily on those with a pen whose ink spilled all over your clothes and stained your hands too. Your boss observed this and thought of you as a careless and highly disorganized employee. Even if you have the sharpest mind in your team, you made a really bad impression on your boss. You could have avoided this by using a good quality notepad and pen.

Protecting Sensitive Office Data

A lot of waste papers are generated due to various office activities. In order to make the best of these and avoid over-stuffing the trash bin, a shredder must be used. Many a time, there are confidential pieces of information on certain waste documents which must not be revealed. So, one cannot take the risk of discarding these papers into the waste bin. If some unscrupulous person comes across this sensitive information, they are likely to misuse it. So, make sure you shred these papers effectively and destroy all confidential information.

Use the best quality office stationery to make a mark of your talents in the most professional manner.


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