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In website design terms less is definitely more. This is borne out by the fact that visitors to a webpage decide typically within one twentieth of a second if the page is worth staying on. You then perhaps have a further 5 to 7 seconds to convince the waverers that your page is worth their time. With that in mind, modern website design strategy should fulfill the following design criteria.


According to Webheads Web Agency London responsive web design is here and now

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Branding is the all important element of website design. How visitors perceive your brand and what benefits and advantages they will gain are uppermost in their mind. Unless your website is designed for an Arabic, Middle East, Chinese, Japanese or other far eastern audience, your branding should always commence in the top left corner of the landing page, home page or indeed every page of the website.

In the main humans read from left to right, top to bottom. Logos, brand designs and other elements of the brand should be placed accordingly. Assuming the website is aimed at such a consumer audience, examples of brands such as Netflix, Amazon and eBay will show you exactly how a brand is placed in the consciousness of the visitor. Remember; make it easy for visitors to remember your website above the competition.


Capturing visitors

Webheads Web Agency London and additionally their contemporaries now expound the theory of less is more based on anecdotal evidence. The second element of less is more is to capture and retain visitors. The less you have on a webpage to distract visitors the better. A web design trend which captures this thinking is to have a large background image on the home page or landing page. Professionally produced photography with few words and lots of symbolism will engage with visitors on multiple levels. It is also proven to intrigue them and to encourage them to search further. The less work they have to do in assimilating a page fits in with the less is more theory.


No, do not pucker up to your nearest and dearest. KISS is an acronym for ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’. The simpler the design, the less a visitor has to do to see the message the brand is trying to get over the better. No scrolling, no video content which starts to immediately play, and no flashing, moving adverts or other content to distract them.

A map is essential

Give visitors a map. If you’re driving somewhere and you’ve never been there before, a map is always good to have. Even better is a SatNav, although try not to follow the directions slavishly and end up in a ditch/river/ford or other obstacle when it is clearly in front of you.

Give your visitors a simple map, not too much detail but just enough to keep them interested, and maybe the opportunity to go straight to what they are looking for.

Of course there is more to the less is more strategy. That more is increased visitor retention, conversion rates, and improved revenue and revenue channels.

Now that fact may just retain your interest.


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