Packing, Protection and Productivity: Planning Your International Business Travel Trip


Let’s be honest, business travel is no picnic a lot of the time, especially if you get delayed or some sort of incident disrupts your scheduled arrangements.

There are several key steps that you can follow in order to reduce the prospect of something going wrong with your business trip, so here is a look at a few savvy tips that are normally worth following.


Getting through immigration


If you are heading off to an unfamiliar destination on a business trip, it makes plenty of sense to make certain you know the rules of entry for that country and whether you will need a visa in order to get any further than the immigration hall.

One of the worse things you can experience as a traveler is to encounter a problem with your papers, followed by an obvious language barrier, which could severely hinder your efforts to resolve the situation.

A lot of foreign countries are potentially likely to refuse entry if your passport only has six months to run on it, so check that there is plenty of time left on it before you fly. Also check visa requirements so that your business trip doesn’t turn into a no-show because you can’t get any further than the airport.


Be informed about your destination

It is always a good idea to download a weather app for Android or the iPhone version, so that you can get an insight into what the weather conditions are currently like in your intended destination.

It is also important to be informed about your destination, which you can do by visiting the U.S Department of State’s website for example, which gives you access to a whole host of potentially critical data, such security and health warnings and information, as well other advice that is designed to help protect your personal safety and avoid any possible local law violations.


On top form


Another obvious but absolutely necessary tip for travelers, is to ensure that you arrive at your meeting in top form, by getting enough sleep and staying properly hydrated.

When you are planning your business trip, try to prepare a schedule that allows you enough time to get the right amount of sleep that you need, so that you can be prepared for the scheduled meetings ahead of you.

Drinking plenty of water is always a good idea anyway, but if you are traveling to a climate where the humidity is high and you have just stepped off a plane where the cabin is likely to be dehydrating in itself, you really need to make sure you have stayed hydrated with plenty of fresh water in your system.

Another good tip would be to aim to keep your blood flowing properly when you are awake and traveling. Blood clots and frequent flyers are two things that are connected together all too often, so stretch, move around and do some light exercises to keep your circulation going.

Planning your business trip is not just about scheduling meetings, but also about making sure you are prepared in every sense of the word.

Phoebe Davis travels a lot for business. Over the years she has mastered packing, booking and managing her trips so that time is not wasted and everything (mostly!) runs as planned. She shares her tips with other business travelers through her articles.


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