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Before You Swipe: What You Need to Know About Business Credit Cards

A business could either be a locally run start-up, or a large company with scores of employees. Either way, any type of business can utilize business credit in some fashion. These cards are a great source of additional capital and are easy to integrate into business transactions. There are different features for every business credit card out there. It’s a huge billion-dollar industry. There are some things you should know before getting a business card.   Determining Factors for a Card Read more [...]
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Small Businesses: Most Common Economic Crimes To Watch Out For

When a small business falls victim to an economic crime, the impact of it can be catastrophic, as opposed to a big business where there are ample reserves of money cover the loss so they can move on. Small businesses are more at risk of becoming a victim of a common economic crime than larger businesses simply due to the fact that a small business has fewer resources to allocate towards preventing those crimes. In addition, if you own a small business, you should keep yourself informed about the Read more [...]
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Why Use Credit Card for All Purchases

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The invention of plastic money has been a boon for the people in general and for the economy in particular. The purchasing patterns and styles have changed drastically with the advent of the credit cards. The biggest advantage is that one doesn’t have to carry loads of cash for making big or small purchases, which as such is also fraught with risks in today’s time. Also there is no need to make frequent trips to the bank or ATM to withdraw cash for everything. Makes Life Easier In today’s Read more [...]
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