The Benefits of Hiring a Recruitment Company


When you’re starting a new business or restructuring an existing business you have to make a lot of decisions. Hiring new staff is usually a hard decision that can take about a lot of time and resources. In a previous post on, the importance of using quality information to make quality decisions was discussed, but hiring employees wasn’t touched on. Consider using a recruitment company to hire new employees. There are a number of benefits to using a recruiting service.

With an outside company doing your recruiting for you, you can reap the rewards of their hard work by enjoying quality work from skilled employees. Read through to find out some of the other benefits of hiring a recruitment agency.

According to a representative from Express Staffing, they aim to find you the best employee for your open position. ‘When you engage professional with the right experience you are guaranteed to be matched with a properly skilled staff member who should have the necessary knowledge. Skills, attitudes and traits for the open slot in your business.’

Easier to Find Employees

You could take the time to put out a job listing, collect CVs, read through them, and conduct interview after interview in order to hire a new employee, but why go through all of that when you can simply hire a recruitment agency to supply you with a pre-screened, qualified employee.

These outside companies make the whole hiring process a lot simpler. They find the pool of qualified candidates, sift through them, perform the interviews, and even set up necessary tests to find the best employees. This leaves you to sit back and wait for the best candidate to come to you.

Recruitment agencies are also experienced in terms of screening potential employees. This expertise is one of the main benefits you can take advantage of. The agency will understand your industry’s needs, track developments in the sector that will affect an employee’s qualifications, and will work meticulously to match you with the best staff member. They will have their finger on the pulse of where the best employees are, in terms of companies they can be headhunted from, and geographical areas with plenty of talent to be tapped into.

Save Money and Time

Other benefits are the time and money you’ll save by hiring a recruiting agency. Yes, you have to pay for the services of a recruiting agency but when you break down how much money you have to put out to hire an employee yourself, the numbers work out in favour of the agency.

You would have to spend money to put out job advertisements in newspapers, on the internet, and in other forms. You would then have to spend money on human resources to handle the hiring process. You’ll need to put money into filtering through CVss, interviewing applicants, issuing necessary qualification tests, and performing background checks. The agencies can also perform any necessary drug tests that your industry or individual company may require. A recruitment agency will do all of that for you for the price of their overall service. This benefit is especially important to smaller businesses that might not be able to afford the expense of a full hiring process.

Being able to skip out on posting advertisements and taking interviews will also save you time. You can also have an open position filled quickly. Recruiting agencies have large networks and are constantly screening candidates to keep their databases fresh. This means that when you approach the agency with an available slot they may already have someone on file that fits the job description; you could have a new employee, or a small pool to choose from, almost immediately.


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