The Importance of Workplace Wellbeing


These days, more and more people are visiting their doctors with workplace related ailments and illnesses, that perhaps could easily be avoided. Some very small steps, that do not have to cost the world, could make very large strides towards having a happier and healthier workforce. And with a happier workforce, you can also look forward to a workforce with boosted morale, who are more efficient and productive. Here are some things you can try for your office:

Arrange Exercise Activities:1

It is pretty well recognised that exercise is a pretty great way to boost people’s mood. Exercising releases natural endorphins, making you feel good as a result. Even if it is to just take 10 minutes out of the day, to do some light exercise, at least that’s a start. Or you could arrange a lunch time mile walk, or something similar. This also has potential for strengthening team relations as well, so for an activity that is free, there are a lot of benefits.

Get Plants for Your Office:2

Another very simple thing to do is to get some plants for your office. Not only will this increase the oxygen levels in the area, but your staff will have something natural to look at and admire, rather than dreary wood and metal. Studies have shown that having plants in the office can reduce stress while also boosting the productivity of the team. Also, having green items around the office have been found to reduce something called Sick Building Syndrome, a illness caused by recycled air from air conditioning units. So, for something that costs relatively little money, the benefits far outweigh the cost. You could even leave the maintenance / feeding of the plants up to your staff, a delegation of duties which may boost the staff’s feeling of importance, given the responsibility.

Introduce Healthy Eating Initiatives:3

This idea can take on a number of different aspects. First of all, you could introduce healthier options if you have a canteen in work. Another simple idea is to introduce a fruit bowl for staff to use. Even the presence of a fruit bowl in the office is enough to have staff think a second time about that unhealthy snack that they may have been just about to consume. Also, you could arrange cooking lessons for the staff, as a means of education regarding healthy eating options. This would be a great way of team building also.

Educate Staff With Regard To Computer Use:

Some of your staff may not be aware that it is recommended that you take a break from looking at your computer screen after using it for 20 minutes. Not heeding this one warning leads to eye strain. What is recommended is, every 20 minutes, look away from the screen, and focus at something off in the distance, just for 20 seconds. 20 Seconds out is not going to kill productivity dead by any means! The use of proper lighting in the office can also help reduce eye strain. There is also a computer program you can get called f.lux, that strips the blue light out of the screen, making it less hard on the eyes to view. This program is free to use.

Implementing some or all of the above ideas will lead to a happier and healthier workforce.


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