Top tips to help you maximise a small office space


If you’re working in a small space, it can be easy for it to become disorganised. If you don’t stay on top of your administration or use the right equipment, in no time your office can become piled high with paperwork and cluttered with daily supplies. Not only can a disorderly and overcrowded office slow down productivity, it can also have an impact on overall morale and motivation. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of useful ways to maximise a modestly-sized office space. To help you create a space-efficient work environment, take a look at these top tips:


Effective storage solutions are key to making the most of a small office. Slimline bookcases and narrow filing cabinets, such as those available from Furniture At Work, are a simple yet effective way to store office equipment without sacrificing valuable floor space. You may also want to think about adjustable storage units that can be customised to fit awkward spaces and modified to suit your changing needs.

Making use of unused wall space can also help you to create order from anarchy. Putting up shelving is simple to do and can ensure that all your necessary tools – from books, to printers, to stationery – is systematically positioned and in easy reach. To optimise desk space, consider investing in filers and drawers that slot neatly under desks to free-up space. Storage boxes and containers can also work wonders for confined work environments.


When you’ve got a limited amount of room, the furniture you choose needs to be carefully considered. It’s a good idea to invest in space-saving pieces, such as workstations with built-in shelving units and cable tidies, rather than standard office desks. There are also certain furnishings that have been specially designed to turn non-productive areas into useful spaces. For example, corner bookcases are a great way to make the most of redundant parts of the room.

When it comes to picking furniture, think carefully about what is essential and try to avoid any bulky items that may cause the room to feel too cramped.


How you arrange your office space also requires judicious regard. When it comes to workstations, try to create a compact and efficient space where everything you need is within easy reach. Without causing staff to work on top of each other, having clusters of workstations rather than rows of desks will also help to make the room feel more spacious.


A simple way to declutter is to make sure that everything has a proper home. This will help to encourage employees to keep their work spaces tidy. Notice boards are also a useful way to display important paperwork, rather than having it piling up on the desk. Adding hooks to the back of doors will also save valuable space.

By following these few simple tips, you can effectively transform a small, unproductive space into an efficient working environment.


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