Trade Show Success: 5 Promotional Items Your Company Needs



At a trade show, businesses want to stand out to the thousands of people who pass by an exhibit table or cubicle space. It is to any business’s advantage to use promotional products to attract clients who happen to be walking by a trade show table. There are certain promotional products that tend to excite customers, and here are some of the top products that a business can use to further interest clients.

1. Logo Pens

Pens are an affordable and great giveaway at trade shows too. For the business on a budget, logo pens make for an excellent gift to give to clients. Clients will love being able to throw a pen in the car or a purse for easy use. A pen can be imprinted with the logo, telephone number, website address and other important information of a business.

2. Coasters

Coasters are also a highly useful promotional product to hand out at trade shows. People will be lining up at any exhibit table that features this giveaway. A coaster can also be imprinted with the logo or motto of a company.

3. Towels

Towels that are branded with a company’s logo are a great option, and they can be used for a variety of purposes. Custom rally towels can be used at the gym or to support your favorite sports team. They are a fun reminder to clients about the products and services that a business provides. Because they are so useful, clients will gain an appreciation for what a business has to offer with this promotional product.

4. Koozies

To go along with the coasters given out at a trade show, a business may also want to hand out koozies. Koozies give any business an added touch of intrigue. Employees will love using them to keep a drink cool in the office. Clients will love taking koozies to the beach to keep their drinks cool.

5. Embroidered Tote Bags

Embroidered tote bags have also become a hot giveaway item at trade shows. Embroidered tote bags ensure that clients always have a place to store their work notebooks, trade show handouts, or other items. This giveaway will be a hit at any trade show.

Being a success at trade shows entails amusing and intriguing clients. Trade shows are the place to display the best of what a business has to offer. With promotional products, a business can set forth the best representation of what it has to offer. It is easy to impress future customers with promotional products given at trade shows.


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