When is the Best Time of Year to Invest in a Car?


Understanding the way in which car dealerships operate and how prices can fluctuate throughout the year can help to save you some serious money as you can time your purchase just right. Here is a guide on the best time of year to buy a car:

Use the End of Year Lull to Your Advantage

December is a great time of year to look around car dealerships as this is when traditionally sales become extremely slow. Due to the fact that people are spending vast amounts of money on holiday gifts and parties it is the time when they are least able to spend out on a large purchase such as a new vehicle. It is also the time when sales teams are trying to get as many last minute deals in to boost their figures before the end of the year. If you can hold off buying a new car until then, you can use this to your advantage and grab yourself a real bargain.

Wait Until the Brand New Model is Released

If you have your heart set on a particular vehicle, why not wait until the end of the summer when the brand new models are released. Just before its release dealers will be desperate to get rid of last year’s model as they will want to shift stock and boost figures before they move on to an aggressive push on the brand new model. Neither the dealer nor the manufacturer wants a garage full of the old model when the new one arrives, meaning that prices often become extremely negotiable. You can buy used cars through dealerships who operate across the country, providing a vast pool of “like new” vehicles to choose from.

Understanding the System Will Enable You to be an Opportunist Buyer

Once you turn the tables and think about the sales operation from the dealer’s point of view you will understand that in fact there are many different times when prices may be lower than the recommended retail price. Car dealers get a commission on their sales and the majority of the time this is dependent on hitting quotas for a period of time such as a week or month.

If you are looking for a vehicle at a busy time of year when everyone else is buying, there is less incentive for them to offer you a deal as they are more than likely going to hit their quota whether you buy or not. Some quieter sales times are during extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms or heatwaves, at times of financial difficulty and also festive periods.

If you visit during a quiet period dealers are going to value your particular sale much more. This applies to new and used car dealerships, meaning that you can also get a great deal on a used vehicle by shopping smart. The most important thing to remember is that although you are the person that needs the vehicle, dealers are the ones who are looking for sales figures, so you do have some bargaining power.


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