Working from home: making your home office more presentable


With the advent of high-speed internet, more people are able to work from home. Working from home can be ideal for those who have children to look after or simply those who wish to avoid the rush hour traffic, and more and more companies are offering telecommuting as a perk. Working from home can be just as productive as working in an office. However, if you are going to make your home your workstation for more than the odd day, working on a cluttered kitchen tale is not ideal. It pays to ensure that your work environment is tidy and conducive to the job at hand.

If you are going to meet clients at your home office, then it needs to look organized. Set aside a specific area in your home that will function as your office space. You will need to have cabinets for filing documents and papers so that the information you need is easily on hand. To work from home, you need to be organized and self-motivating, so creating a daily work schedule will ensure that the tasks required of you are completed on time. Working from home does offer flexibility, but it also places responsibility on the individual to manage his or her time effectively.

Networking electronically is vital for a home office, especially if you are going to be spending most of your time working at home. Unless you run your own business, keeping in touch with your colleagues will be important, and even if you are working for yourself, keeping in contact with people in your field or in the same situation as you can be useful. The latest laptop and software will help you be more productive.

A good home office does not have to be large, though if you have a whole room that can be devoted to your office, you can create a highly organized space that reflects your personality. However, even if you have to make do with a corner of a room, creative use of shelving and storage options can create an office that is a pleasure to work in and one where everything you need is on hand. If space is limited, think of vertical storage that will allow you to maximize the amount of space available. You want to keep your desk as clear as possible, apart from the papers that you currently need for work. When designing a home office, you should not forget the décor. Shutters can be a good way of providing privacy and creating a pleasant area to work in. Solid shutters are stylish and will also create a good impression on any clients who visit you at home.

Working from home can be a great way of combining flexibility with increased productivity. Cutting out the hassle of the daily drive to the office can not only make for a more relaxing day, but can also enable you to get more work done. Working from home does not have to be chaotic; get the basics right and your home office can be both stylish and productive.


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