6 Ways to Guerilla Market Your Business and Save


Marketing is a major component of any successful business. However, many companies do not have the funds to support an entire marketing department or full-fledged campaign. Here are six ways to effectively use guerilla marketing and still stay under budget.

1. Hire a Sign Spinner to Get Attention

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A sign spinner, also known as street advertisers, human billboards, sign dancers, and more simply the crazy guy outside of most pawn stores, is a cheap and effective way to market your business. Liberty Tax Service’s began using sign spinners dressed as the Statue of Liberty to draw clients away from H & R Block. It proved to be such a successful marketing tactic that they now employee 10,000 seasonal workers as human billboards.

2. Give a Little to Get a Lot

It may not be overly creative, but free samples are an excellent form of guerilla marketing. Building a network of customers is the hardest part of starting a new business. Often times there will be similar products or companies in the area and the only way to prove a superior product is to give out free samples and let the product speak for itself.

3. Use Traffic to Get Traffic

Most companies do not take advantage of the mobile billboard (aka the automobile). Bumper stickers and car magnets are perfect ways to get your information out to the public. This is an ideal guerilla marketing tactic for locally own businesses. The company incurs a onetime cost that can offer up months of advertising, compared to a stationary billboard that hits one designated area and has monthly rates.

4. Take Advantage of the Internet

The internet is a powerful marketing tool offering several ways to generate in-store and online traffic through unconventional approaches. These tactics are especially beneficial to companies that operate in a specific niche such as a lab supply company because it allows them to effectively target their guerilla marketing efforts. Some of the best approaches to online guerilla marketing include:

  • Social Media Promotions
  • Groupons or other short-term coupons
  • Guest blogging on other sites

5. Use Art to Catch Their Eyes

Creative street art and clever environmental puns are what many people think of when they hear guerilla marketing. Whether it is graffiti work on buildings, chalk art on the ground, or clever designing of a park bench, using art to market a company can gain local appeal or even spread virally.

6. Host an Event or Contest

A great way to generate interest for  a company is to provide something for the customers. Hosting an event or contest will quickly spread through word of mouth and can provide excellent traffic to the storefront. Using social media and other mediums to market the event will also help advertise the company.

The concept of guerilla marketing is to generate a buzz for a brand or company through unconventional approaches. Oddly enough, many companies do not take advantage of these tactics even though they are effective and affordable. If your company is struggling to bring in customers maybe you should try some of the guerilla marketing strategies mentioned above.

What other examples of guerilla marketing have you used or seen?


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