Bringing in contract workers to help a business grow

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Business operations constantly change and whereas the norm was once for new businesses to develop a plan to employ a number of people to start with, today that has changed. Many young businesses simply don’t have the initial finance available to take on full time employees from the beginning, and though they may want to in terms of the development of their plans, sometimes it’s just not possible. If that’s how you are situated there are ways to get the support you need without spending more than you can afford.


Play to your strengths

It’s your business; remember that fact. You’ll have sweated for weeks, months, maybe years working on how to get up and running. Your creative ideas are coming to fruition, you know your market, you know how to deliver services or products that you reckon will work, and you’re ready to go.

But hold on. You’re an ideas person. You want to push ahead and perhaps you don’t have a lot of experience in administration. Who is going to take care of the legal compliances your business has to have? Who will look after the insurances? Who will be in charge of payroll or setting up your website if those things are not your strengths?

Bring in contract workers

To start with look at what your business has to have that you can’t easily deal with and then look to outsourcing those aspects to contract workers. There are now many individuals and small companies that can provide expertise in many areas of administration as well as being involved in marketing via the internet – social media is a huge resource for example – and by other more traditional means.

If finance is not your thing – and let’s face it, though you need to understand it you won’t always have time to deal with it properly – then bring in a professional accountant or bookkeeper that does understand what support you need and knows how to administer it efficiently and effectively.

You can use an umbrella company to help you with sourcing professional support as well as dealing with all those niggling regulations that relate to payroll, tax and insurance. This sort of company can lift those administrative burdens and allow you free rein to move forward and develop your business.

If you simply haven’t got enough staff in your early days to deal with the demand for your product or services then bringing in experienced people on short-term contracts can be of immense benefit. They can help you improve all aspects of the business in a much shorter time than you could with limited resources and lead you to the stage where you could employ permanent staff to fill the requisite positions.

Make life easier at the beginning

As an entrepreneur you will know it’s going to be tough but that shouldn’t put you off pursuing your ambitions. At the early stage use whatever contract support you need and look to this to build successful foundations for the future growth of your enterprise.


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