Collection of debt? Try the Telephone


Mastery of the telephone collection seems to be the most important aspect of the credit controller’s job. It is a kind of skill which rather not be ignored as it covers wide areas of:

  • Positive usage of the telephone
  • Drawbacks of the telephone recovery method
  • Positive attitude all through


Why should one use the telephone for debt recovery?

There are several benefits to this cause; the telephone calls are the best follow up techniques post the sending of letters. They are not very expensive at all and can be easily incorporated in a firm budget. The rate of these calls fall every year in absolute as well as relative terms. There is also the modem technology, which is available to help out the credit controllers when they need to make innumerable calls. There are services like automatic database dialing and ring back that increase the amount of calls to be made at a given point in time. The technology integrated enables the call details to get reflected on the computer screen. Personal contact with the potential customers is the biggest advantage that is derived out of calls. Most of the credit controllers state that the calls are as result oriented as personal visits, both are comparable in fact. It is a quick and real time solution for any customer woes. There is a kind of moral pressure that the receiver of the call is obliged with. It is more like a commitment that needs to be honored and hence one cannot ignore or neglect it. Letters on the other hand have no such effect.

Where can it go wrong?

These calls consume a lot of time and this is a very big disadvantage. Sending thousand letters in one go is much better than calling up a thousand people. One might not even get the concerned person in the first try, resulting in repeated calls and follow ups. Having repeated follow up also irate the customers and they can even block the number thus eliminating this mode of contact. People have found out ways to ignore the calls as well, by diverting the calls to voicemails, leaving the caller with a recorded message, etc. Many a times, the calls only reach the voice mail, which gets ignored. Sharing all important details over the phone gets complicated as well.

Sporting a positive attitude

Most people are not very comfortable to make the calls especially when they have to ask for money. They get embarrassed. They fear that the receiver might embarrass them and not give them due respect. They feel that the person might rudely hang up on them or lie that it is the wrong number. This is a very poor attitude that needs to be rectified. The money which someone owes you is yours and you hence have every right to go ahead and claim the same. All that is needed is a bit of self confidence to go ahead with the call and pass on your message.

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