Entrepreneurs and social media

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It may surprise you to discover that there are quite a number of business owners who are more reluctant to embrace social media than you would imagine.

As this infographic illustrates, there are a number of reasons why entrepreneurs tend to hesitate when it comes to using all of the tools that are at disposal when you create a presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Many observers would probably consider that entrepreneurs and social media are almost the epitome of a perfect relationship, but it seems from research carried out, that a fair number of business people are actually more likely to use social media for personal reasons rather than as part of their business strategy.

There are also some clearly defined patterns when entrepreneurs do embrace social media for business purposes.

There is a definite preference for Linkedin and Facebook amongst entrepreneurs and the likes of YouTube and Instagram barely get a look-in, in comparison.

When it comes to looking at some of the main reasons why an entrepreneur would want to use social media, educating or sharing information about their company or products, was high up on the list. Other strong reasons to embrace social media include the chance to tell their daily story with a marketing slant, prospecting for new customers and just as importantly, getting feedback and ratings from existing customers.

Entrepreneurs and social media

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