Four Pointers for the Travelling Entrepreneur


As an entrepreneur today, there can be a lot of travelling around. Whether you are driving a lot in your own region or flying around the world, there are a few things all traveling entrepreneurs need to keep in mind. Here are four pointers we have to help make your travels easy, enjoyable, and hopefully not too expensive!

  1. Find a Good Rewards Program

Any entrepreneur that travels regularly needs to have a travel reward credit card and bank account. Which card and bank you go with will ultimately depend on your needs as a business and personally for you. Try to find one with as many perks and loyalty rewards as possible. Everything from cash back on gas purchases to double points for buying airplane tickets. There are tons of possibilities, so do your work and you’ll find the right one.

  1. Plan Everything Well in Advance

Just like with a lot of things, planning properly is one of the most important factors in succeeding. If you are smart and plan your travels well in advance, you can save a lot of money and headaches. Utilize alerts on big websites for promotions or deals that you could use in the future. If you take a little bit of time now, it will save you hours in the end.

  1. Make Friends, Not Just Relationships

When you are travelling around from office to office and city to city, try to make friends with the people you see regularly, not just a professional relationship. You may only see them a few times a year so they likely won’t be your best mate, but it will be really nice to have someone around when you are visiting or passing through. Who knows, you may even find someone with an extra room that will let you stay with them while you are in town saving hundreds on hotels!

  1. Have a Travel Bag

This may sound kind of silly, but if you are constantly on the go, you might as well have a miniature sized closet that just goes with you. Take copies of your important business documents and keep them in there permanently. Likewise, have a couple sets of clothes and other travel necessities that go everywhere you go. Some luxuries might be nice too. Get yourself some Oakley sunglasses and noise cancelling headphones, you’ll get your usage out of them!


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