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75Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the real thing and an imitation. They say you get what you pay for and although everyone in recent years has focused on expenditure and cost savings there are some economies that simply are not worth it. When it comes to reaching out to your clients and customers, past, present and potentially future, you must do it right.


Presentation is very important. Whether we are talking about how you show your range of products on your website, other advertising or at an important show, you must do it properly. You can be sure that your competition has taken the time to make sure its stand makes an impact. Don’t give the competition an unnecessary advantage. There are no real secrets anymore with every company using the Internet to presence themselves to what they hope is a target audience. The competition has the same access to your presentation as any visitor to your website.

Pop up displays have become very popular recently but you should look closely at what you are getting.  They are usually very portable which is an obvious advantage but that is of little value if they are of poor quality. They may not last the transportation. You should not buy them because they are easy to assemble. You should look for a supplier that offers guarantees; it should begin with the frames because a damaged frame will render the display useless.

A supplier that will do a free repair service is essential. You are likely to want to use the display on a regular basis. There is no other reason to go for portability.

Graphic design is a specialist skill and reproducing a clear message in quality graphics on your displays at trade shows is vital; you need something that will catch the eye and draw people to your stand. That is then the opportunity to develop a relationship with a potential buyer. If you are part of a large show, visitors may feel under a time constraint. Make sure that they don’t feel constrained to talk to you.

Grasp the chance

You cannot afford to waste the chance to make new contacts at a trade show; rental costs are not cheap and you must have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. You must also devise a strategy to try to achieve it. It should not be allowed to fail by making false economies on your stand.

If you have any doubts about who to get to provide your display material a little online research should help. If you see a website amongst the list of options the search engines provide that looks to understand the meaning of service, you may have found your answer. Feel free to ask a question or two; there is unlikely to be anything other than a quick and positive response.

You may have a broad idea of what you need and the message you want to convey. The advice that comes from an experienced display supplier is likely to fill in any gaps.


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