How packaging influences consumer behaviour


It doesn’t matter how good your products are, if your packing isn’t up to scratch, you could struggle to achieve the sales levels you’re after. The fact is, the way in which you showcase your goods on the shelves has a major impact on how people react to them. So, if you’re to woo consumers in sufficient numbers, you’ll need to get your packaging spot on. Here are some of the ways in which the presentation of products influences consumer behaviour.

Getting noticed on the shelf

People won’t purchase your goods if they don’t know they exist and your packaging can have a major impact on whether shoppers notice your goods on the shelves. Consumer research specialists Wirral Sensory Services highlight the importance of this issue. The firm notes that when goods fail to stand out on the shelves, people are less likely to pick them out, especially if they are unfamiliar with them.

Supporting this idea, a study conducted by researchers from the University of Miami and California Institute of Technology found that the look of packaging, including its colour, brightness and typography, influenced where shoppers’ eyes landed on shelves. By tracking the eye movements of participants, the team found that visually appealing packaging attracted consumers’ attention more and caused them to look at products for longer.

Persuading consumers to make a purchase

As well as helping to get products noticed in the first place, packaging plays a vital role in persuading people to actually make a purchase. It tells individuals what they can expect to find within the plastic, metal, card, paper, or folding carton.. If it describes the products in an appealing way and gives the right details, it can encourage people to part with their cash. Conversely, if it doesn’t make the product seem attractive, it confuses consumers or it lacks important information, it can put people off.

Encouraging repeat purchases

Packaging also has an impact on whether or not people buy products again in the future. Well-designed packaging protects products to help reduce the risk of damage and it is easy to carry and to open. Packaging may also have extra features that appeal to buyers. For example, re-sealable packets are popular among food shoppers. Consumers are also increasingly aware of environmental issues and many now look out for eco-friendly materials. By taking these points into consideration and getting your packaging designs spot on, you stand to benefit from higher levels of repeat custom.

Given the clear benefits associated with having well-designed packaging, it’s no surprise that companies put so much effort and research into presenting their products in the best possible ways.


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