How Reseller Hosting Can Help Your Web Design Business To Grow?


As a freelance web designer, time is always running out. You spend most of your waking hours in front of your computer designing websites for your customers. Even if you want to take up more projects to increase your income, the lack of time causes a hindrance. While you can hire someone on a project basis, but checking the work done and coordinating with the additional resource will also need time. So, how can you balance all this and make more money? The answer lies in becoming a web hosting reseller! Think about it; you are designing websites for your clients. If you become a hosting reseller, then you can offer a complete package to them from design to hosting. Today, we will talk about how Reseller Hosting can help your web design business to grow.

You stand out from the competition

In today’s market, every field has high levels of competition. This is true for web designers too. In such a market, you need to offer something more to your clients to be able to stand out from the competition. Think about it from the client’s perspective – a start-up organization wants to develop its website. The client approaches you for designing. You can offer him two responses:

  1. I will design your website, and then you can buy a hosting plan and make it live
  2. I will design and host your website. Once I am done, your site will be live.

Which response sounds more appealing to you? The second one, right? After all, people look for comprehensive solutions to their needs so that they don’t have to run behind multiple vendors for different things. You save them time and effort, and they will love you and also recommend your services to other people.

A Diverse Work Portfolio

In any field, you can grow only if you are willing to learn and incorporate new things. You might be the best designer in the world! But, most clients would be happy with an above average designer who can also take care of their other website-related concerns (like hosting). A web designer who is an excellent web host is not something that you hear every day. If you can add this skill set to your work portfolio, you will surely have more clients looking for your services.

An Investment in your own Growth

You will have to purchase a reseller hosting package from a hosting company. While this will add to the costs, it will give you an opportunity to project yourself as a design professional who also takes care of hosting. This will open newer doors and help in your professional growth.


Initially, the hosting reseller business will require some settling-down time. But soon you will master it and offer design and hosting packages to clients. If this idea sounds appealing, then start researching some hosting companies. You will have to choose between Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting, which will depend on your comfort with both the operating systems. You might also want to talk to some of your existing clients to see if this service appeals to them. It’s time that you think about adding another feather in your cap and add reseller hosting to your list of services. Good Luck!




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