How the exterior of your office affects brand perception


From our earliest years, we’re told not to judge a book by its cover. However, in the world of business, snap judgements are mainstay. The fact is, if your firm doesn’t look the part, you’ll struggle to attract customers. This is why effective branding is so important, and as well as applying to your marketing material and products or services, this principle extends to your office building. When people arrive at your doorstep, they will either consciously or subconsciously glean a whole range of details about your firm simply by glancing at the exterior of your workspace. Here are just a few of the ways in which office exteriors can affect brand perception.

Going places or struggling to stay afloat?

If your building is in good condition, the windows are clean, the paintwork is fresh and your doors look dapper, you stand a better chance of instilling confidence in your customers. In contrast, shabby looking offices with peeling paintwork and dilapidated doors can give people the distinct impression that their occupants are struggling to stay afloat. On the whole, people want to do business with firms they have confidence in, so it’s well worth keeping your premises in tiptop condition.

The interior matters just as much too, so ensure you keep it pristine for anyone who walks in by hiring a regular cleaner. To give you a feel for how your space could be transformed, take a look at these case studies from Ideal Cleaning which showcase exactly how a cleaning service could help.  

As well as getting the building design basics right, it’s worth considering adding some extras to help give your office a truly professional look and feel. For example, to add a sense of style and sophistication to your premises, and to provide visitors with some protection from the elements, you might benefit from installing an entrance shelter. As expert canopy designer and maker CAD Shelters notes, for the best results these structures should complement the general style of your existing building.   

Confident about your companies’ identity?

Signage and colour schemes can also play a major part in determining how people perceive your premises. If you have plenty of branded signage on display around your building, making it clear who you are, you’ll give the impression that you’re confident in your firm’s identity. The same applies to the use of corporate colours. In contrast, if your premises has a generic look, it won’t help to reinforce your company message and could give the impression that you’re hiding away.

The sort of business that pays attention to detail

Another key consideration is attention to detail. Even if you adhere to the most diligent standards inside your office, you might not give visitors this impression if you let standards slip outside your workspace. By keeping your entrance area free from litter and making sure there are bins available, you can help to reinforce that fact that your company is competent and on the ball.

Some of these issues may seem relatively minor, but they can all add up to help paint a clear picture of your firm in customers’ eyes.


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