How to Get your Video Out There


Screen-shot-2012-10-22-at-11.21.19-AMDid you know that getting your video noticed is a science, rather than an art? True, there are those few videos about dogs or talking toddlers that became viral all on their own, but that level of random stardom is difficult to achieve. Most successful brands and YouTube video posters with a lot of views work hard to make their videos noticed. Just like with any other industry, if you want your videos to receive views, you have to push to make it happen.

There is a simple four-part process that you can use to develop your brand and get your videos out there.

Step 1: Finding Influence

Before you make a video, you have to determine who your target audience is. Let’s say you are a company that makes fish food. You will want to focus your videos on people who love fish (as pets, not as food). Finding a series of online influencers who are passionate about saving wildlife and raising fish will help make your videos stronger and reach more people.

Step 2: YouTube Platforming

Did you know there is more to the process of posting a YouTube video than “post and pray?” If you are considered one of the “most viewed” videos in a certain category, YouTube places you on their home page. If you choose to place your video in a small category, you are more likely to make it to the front page. For example, the “pets and animals” category only requires 150,000 views to make the home page. Another category, like “comedy” requires over 1 million views to make the home page. Choosing where to post is extremely important on YouTube. The date also matters. More people view videos on nights and weekends than during the workday.

Step 3: Creating a Snowball

Online content is strange. When a video is first posted, it gains a small amount of buzz. Search engines will place new videos ahead of older videos on search engine results. New content is always placed higher than old. What this means is that unless you can get people to continue to share your video, it can become lost within just a few days. There are a variety of ways you can try to make your video continue to gain traffic over time.
One way is to hire influential bloggers and websites to feature your video at different times. This will keep your video going through those platforms.

You also want to encourage your fans to share the video through social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and even through e-mail.

The third way to promote your video is to use an online video marketing platform. These video marketers have huge connections with websites around the Internet. They can guarantee that your video will be shared with a relevant audience as many times as you wish. While some video marketers are extremely expensive, others are more affordable. For example, the video marketing company Virool has campaigns that start for as little as $10 per day.

Step 4: Watch it Happen

With a little encouragement, a good video will start to gain traction on its own. Consider step three the power to push a snowball the brink of a hill. Once you get it to the brink, it will fall on its own and continue to grow. This happens with online videos through websites that search for viral videos, people who want to be in-the-know, and simple curious Internet browsers.

Therefore, getting your video out there is not simply an organic manner, but instead, a carefully crafted strategy that required effort and thought. If you put in the thought and effort, and use the resources of others- such as marketing companies like Virool, then you will see much better results.

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