Love Your Work: How To Enjoy Business Travel


Although you might think it would be easier said than done, sometimes if you can manage to enjoy rather than endure the unique challenges of regular business travel it will definitely make life on the road easier.


Here are a few ideas to consider that might help lighten your busy workload, such as a way to put time on your side, some ideas for downing tools for a while, plus some options for local socializing.


Make allowances for setbacks


Although each business trip will have a unique schedule and agenda to work your way through there is an unfortunate regularity and familiarity about security checks, passport control, and all the other usual procedures that seem designed to slow your progress down.


Flight cancellations and delays are an inevitable aspect of business travel and flying in general, but that doesn’t any easier to contend when you check the board and can’t get a boarding time confirmed.


Assume that you are going to take longer than expected to get through the checks and actually onto the plane by giving yourself a bit more time to allow for these setbacks.


If you sail through without any problems you will have some extra time to chill out and if you do experience some delays it won’t stress you out so much compared to battling against the clock.


Give yourself a treat


The sort of hotel you stay in for your business trip can help you to enjoy your time away more if the facilities and surroundings offer you the chance to pamper yourself at the end of a busy day.


Hotels like the Marriott Greenbelt are normally well equipped to offer you a comfortable room, dining options, and maybe some extras like spa facilities so that you can take the opportunity to unwind and reflect after a hectic day of meetings and challenges.


If you try and factor in a bit of downtime in your schedule to enjoy an unhurried meal or a relaxing massage, it can melt away some of the stresses you might otherwise be carrying around with you if you don’t find some opportunities to switch off.


No need to dine alone


If you are traveling alone on business it can be a bit of a lonely existence when it comes to enjoying a bit of company at dinner.


Rather than go for the default option of ordering room service and checking your emails, there are options to connect with locals and share some local hospitality.


Apps like VizEat can put you in touch with hand-selected locals who are hosting eating events that you can join for the evening. There is no need to dine alone in a strange city if you can find a host that can offer you a seat at the table for a reasonable price.


Alternatively, you could ask for some local recommendations and try to strike up some conversation in one of the popular local eateries or bars.


Business travel doesn’t have to be a slog if you can find some ways to inject a bit of fun and enjoyment to your time away.



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