Parking, Passing and Pallets: Safety Tips Truckers Should Never Overlook


Most truckers know basic safety tips, like buckling up and taking frequent rest breaks. But, you may not know about some of the ones that will save your life or keep you from developing chronic health problems. Here are some important tips to stay safe and healthy when you’re out there on the road.

Don’t Drive While Distracted

Don’t whip out the phone to send a quick text message to your sweetie pie. Don’t get involved with charting and record keeping while you’re driving (even though you do have to find time to do this at some point when you’re stopped).

Don’t fiddle with the radio or play around in the cab. These truck accident attorneys have represented many truck drivers in accident cases – not all of them win. But, those that do were the ones that weren’t taking dangerous risks and weren’t considered “at-fault.”

Be Patient

Be patient out there on the road. Your truck is big and slow. And other cars seem to zip around you like flies. It can be annoying, especially when you’re trying to be safe and they’re not. Remember, you’re the more mature and experienced driver on the road. Be that safe person who protects others – even from themselves.

Enter The Dock Safely

You know that space between the rear of the truck and the docking station or platform? That’s where “the gap” exists – a gap many truckers have gotten in. If you must work around it, do it with a ramp or dock plate to bridge the opening.

Secure Your Loads

If you’re not sure how to secure your load, call in a manager or fellow driver. Whatever you do, do not leave the dock without securing your freight. Whether it needs simple straps or something more robust, you should secure it any way you can. Millions of dollars worth of property damage occur each year because of improper loading and securing of loads.

Get Your Truck Inspected

A good pre and post-trip inspection is the only chance to reduce critical equipment failure. Even if you only do rural or local runs, and even if you drive the same truck every day, you need to get regular maintenance and inspections done.

Ideally, you’ll have your truck inspected every day before your run, and then immediately after the run to ensure that there is no damage or undue wear on any parts. And, most importantly, there shouldn’t be any damage or undue wear on critical vehicle systems before you start driving.

No Zone Awareness Tips

Do you know where your “no-zone” is? Of course you do. But, what you might not know is that other drivers often don’t know where it is. Watch out for vehicles in your “No-Zone.” No, they’re not supposed to be there, and yes they should know. But, they don’t.

It’s a dangerous area that includes your blind spots and is responsible for over ⅓ of all crashes involving large trucks and cars.

Jamie Dean is a warehouse operative for a busy haulage company by day. By night he is a freelance writer, having recently discovered his passion for blogging. His articles appear on auto, trucking and business blogs.


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