“Phruit”s of Having DMA by Your Side


Frustrated of the million tele-callers every day? Place a complaint to the concerning authorities! Done that already? No use, eh! The calls still keep on coming, don’t they? Out of all the helter-skelter spooky proceedings in the government, one thing is for sure that you mustn’t have tried out the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) then. Place your telemarketing complaints over there and see your problems answered.


What is DMA?

DMA is the prime organization constituted by the business heads from all around the world for promoting direct marketing. Based primarily in UK, the DMA has currently over 960 corporate participants from different strata of business from different countries. Their job is to:

  • Recognize different top branded marketing organizations

  • Regulate the process of direct marketing so that both the needs of customers and businessmen can be fulfilled

  • Protect the customer rights under the UK Data Protection Act

Apart from the headquarters in London, DMA has three other centers in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

How can DMA help you?

Firstly, DMA has a prudent response system which works on customer complaints. On a fast track basis, the complaint is heard, acted upon and the results communicated. An example of such cases in the recent history was of UK telecom company Phruit Limited. Based on the complaint of a single customer, Phruit was refused to extend their association with DMA.

Phruit was on the surveillance regarding fraudulent lead sheets for some time. Then the proof came in the hands of DMA right from the source – a victimized customer. The customer was registered under UK’s Telephone Preference Services (TPS) and his number on the national Do-not-call (DNC) registry. So, naturally, he was not expecting to answer calls of telemarketers every day. Tactfully, he extracted the name of the company behind the calls and informed DMA.

DMA tracked down the source of the main lead generator and found that Phruit was reaping benefits from a rotten scheme. They had posed as researchers in front of the TPS and stealing valuable customer information from their database. Not only that, once they had extracted enough business from their offshore affiliates, they were negating their payments. The call centers, mainly based in India and Philippines, didn’t have the resources to go after the large infrastructure of far located Phruit. Maybe that is very reason that this felony had gone unnoticed for a long time.

But now as the customers are getting aware of their own rights, they can obviously save themselves from cheaters like Phruit.


Corporate journalist Teddy Charles has his own magazine reporting latest updates in the global markets. The trend of direct marketing has been regulated by the businessman’s organization DMA for a long time. Now it is dealing with corporate frauds like that of the recent Phruit Limited fiasco.


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