Popularity of Tie and Dye T-shirts


images (1)Tie and dye is an old trend, which has made a come back in the world of fashion. However, the process of printing has changed a lot. Initially, the designs on the t-shirts or on any other attires were done manually by dipping the tied or twisted clothes in the dye bath. Unfortunately, the color faded off after a few wash. In spite of this, tie and dye has been loved by all, which has brought it back again into the fashion market. The unique designs and the vibrant colors offer individualistic appeal. Though this style statement has been mostly connected to the hippie culture, but in reality its history goes back to early centuries.

The inexpensive method to make a fashionable wear has made it popular in USA especially during 1960’s . The renowned hippie culture made tie and dye popular among the youth. Both men and women were found wearing these clothes and enjoying their life in USA. Even the entertainment industry accepted this trend and the music bands went with the flow, making tie and dye the symbol of the era. One of the best features of this fashion is, even if the color of the dye is same the design will never be same. Every single t-shirt looks different from the other.

With change in technology, new tie and dye paints are in use which are permanent and even after washing, the colors never fade away like the older dyes. Initially, cotton fabrics were used but these days advanced technology has helped to tie and dye any fabric. Apart from the haphazard designs, proper geometric shapes can be done by folding the t-shirt in proper order. You can even find layering of colors which produces various effects. Tie and dye is an art that enhances the beauty of a garment by playing with the colors and creases that develop in the fabric.

You can even try out accessories with these kinds of wear. The dominant colors and patterns can look good on you, if you have chosen right boots, belts, or scarfs. In case you are wearing a tie and dye t-shirt, make it sure that you are wearing jeans without any holes or tattered look. Colors like brown, dark red blends very well; you can try it with with neutral colored pants. It is advised to ignore the rainbow effect in the tie and dye attires because it is hard to blend with the pattern. If you want to sync in with the original tradition then try out a tie and dye t-shirt and wear a hipster pant and enjoy the hippie feel.

Tie and dye t-shirt can give you a different look but you need to be careful while choosing the colors that you want to blend. It speaks the freedom of your mind and thought. They even give a unified appeal showing colors can mix together and still can create beauty. No matter what type of body shape you have, the trend of tie and dye welcomes all to enjoy the unrestrained combination of colors.

Today you can even use Tie and dye t-shirt as a promotional product. You may consider it as a promotional product but, are you well aware of the reasons on how these kind of promotional products facilitate your company. These tiny investments can turn out to be a better rate of investment for you. These promotional products can help your company in such a way that you have never thought of. This also helps you to create a goodwill.

Promotional products help you to enhance your brand recognition along with reaching out to a large sector of people at a low cost. It acts as a powerful marketing platform along with showcasing your contact information. So, in this way your business will get the required exposure.

However, in this 21st century too Tie and Dye T-shirts are still popular and they help in a great way to boost the branding of a company in a great way.

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