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online_video_marketing.9-23.youtube_marketingSince all of the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Ask all increased the SEO weight of videos, video marketing has become huge in 2013. There is no sign that video marketing will become less important over the next few years, and any brand, musician, game, or movie that wants to stand out from the competition must get on board with video marketing. Even start-up companies who use YouTube and other video sharing sites as the platform for their business or book authors can benefit from video marketing.

Essentially, video marketing is not only making a video and sharing it online, but ensuring that the maximum number of target audience members view the video per day. You can do this on your own, but for the most success, a professional video promoting company is a wise investment.

One of the best video-promoting companies today is Virool. Virool started with the idea of promoting the online videos of major brand. The goal of the site was to enable anyone to reach their desired audience using Virool.

What does Virool do?

Basically, Virool uses a series of online publishers to distribute videos for clients. Virool will place the content onto a publisher’s website that has something that the target demographic is interested in (could be a product, game, brand, similar artist, similar program, or nearly anything). Virool keeps the cost of advertising low for the video-owner by charging the publisher site a fee for displaying their own relevant content next to the video.

Who can benefit from Virool?

Basically, if you have a video to promote you can benefit from Virool. Although the original thought was to supply big brands with targeted online video advertising (and Virool has served brands like Samsung, Cadillac, Intel, and Ben and Jerry’s), anyone can use the service. Campaigns are extremely affordable, and people like talk show hosts, start up companies, charity organizations, Kickstarter campaigns, game developers, filmmakers, musicians, bloggers, and small brands have found Virool useful and beneficial.

What can Virool do for me?

Depending on the campaign that you select, Virool can reach up to 100 million people. This is a huge network that is unavailable for other forms of advertising aside from the much-more-expensive television advertising. Campaigns start as low as $10 per day, and can help even the smallest brand or company get noticed.

How does Virool work?

Basically, Virool uses a three step process to promote your videos. First, you give the site your YouTube link. Next, you set a budget and choose a target demographic. Virool will promote your video. You can then see real-time view results and other detailed data information about your video and the success of the campaign. Virool offers real-time analytics which means you can instantly see updates about your campaign. You can see impressions, views, shares, engagement, geo-location, and clicks. To count as a view, a viewer must watch at least 30 seconds of the video. Virool also makes it easy for viewer to share your video, which is vital for third-circle marketing.

Promoting a YouTube video can be a challenge as millions of people use YouTube daily. It is much harder to achieve viral status in today’s competitive online video market than in the past. It doesn’t matter how great your content is, if you cannot promote it effectively, you are wasting your time. Using Virool will help ensure that your hard work is not wasted and that your video content will be viewed by the maximum number of potential customers and fans. With beneficial promotion methods like these, you will find that your videos become much more effective and worthwhile for your brand.

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