Signage Smarts: Tried and True Ways to Attract Local Foot Traffic to Your Business


There are many aspects to creating a successful business and one of the most important things to concentrate on for a retail business, is to attract customers through the door.

Being able to catch the eye of retail customers and persuade them to come shopping with you generally starts with having an attractive storefront and good signage.

There are a number of different types of business signage which most retailers would be advised not ignore if they want to keep the level of foot traffic up at reasonable and consistent levels.

Key elements of successful retail signage

Regardless of the type of store that you run, there are certain key elements relating to signage that can make a substantial difference to how you stand out from the competition.

One of the best points to remember is to keep it simple.

The message on your signage needs to be clear and straight to the point, with just enough information to give the customer the details they need to know without too much elaboration. There is an unwritten rule that is worth considering when designing your signage, which dictates that you have about five seconds to convey the main theme of your business.

If your message takes a customer longer than five seconds they may decide to walk past rather than walk in, so work on keeping it simple but effective if you want your signage to work.

Getting your outdoor signage right

Sizing and placement of your outdoor signage is definitely important as it is the first impression that customers get of your business.

Outdoor signage comes in various forms and what you are aiming to achieve is to do more than just announce to a customer who you are and what you do, it also gives you the chance to encourage people who are passing, to come inside.

The location and dynamics of your retail site will help to dictate whether you use something like an A-Board on the sidewalk and whether you need to place some signage higher up so that people can find you more easily from a distance.

Securing your signage

Not only do you need to place your signage where it is as visible as possible to the public but you also need to ensure that it looks good and is in good condition.

Using steel straps from It Straps On or using some other reliable methods for securing your signage, will help you to avoid that poor impression when a sign is falling away from its original sitting.

The thing to remember about outdoor signage is that it has to achieve a number of different things, such as creating a good first impression, providing visibility as well as being securely placed so that it does not create a potential hazard or look bad when it becomes displaced.

Running a retail business is about competing for footfall alongside your competitors, which is why you need to work on getting your signage spot on.


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