Small Business Marketing: Reasons the Magic Lies in Your Choice of Media


The general use of the word media in so many aspects of business is bound to cause an element of confusion amongst some business owners, which is why it would help to get a few facts and tips to cut through the jargon and allow you to make the right choices.

Media for marketing

If you run a small business you will often work within a tight advertising and marketing budget, so any decisions you make have to be right if you are going to get a positive return on your investment.

The problem for many business owners is that selecting the best media vehicle can be a frustrating or even confusing experience.

It was not that long ago that your choice of media outlets was between Radio, TV and newspaper advertising, but now you are faced with a multitude of different options including digital media, which brings the internet into the equation.

Mass media

As the name implies, mass media is designed to reach a broad geographically targeted market, so newspapers would be a good example of this.

Magazines and directories are also considered mass media and if you are considering using either of this, it is worth remembering that both tend to require long advance planning and the cost can be high, although you get prolonged exposure with your advert in comparison to something like a local newspaper advert.

Radio is another form of mass media which can be effective when you are able to target the audience most likely to be interested in your business, although you should factor in the fact that ads need to be repeatedly aired to get listener coverage and for the marketing message to be received effectively.

Digital media

When talking about the use of digital media in marketing, this is the broad term used to describe the use of electronic communication to convey a message.

What this means in plain language, is internet advertising, the use of social media networks and mobile and text adverts. Digital media is increasing popular and many businesses try to build an online profile via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and you can combine your offline advertising efforts to drive people to your online presence.

The best approach to small business marketing and to make full use of the media channels available, is often to use a strategy which combines several different types of media that works for you, which you will discover through a bit of trial and error.

We might be living in a digital age, but also don’t forget the power of printed media such as flyers and mailshots. Stock up on your HP ink cartridges or whatever brand your printer is using, and fire out those flyers and personal mailings, as they often get noticed because they stand out against a sea of digital messages that may potential customers are having to contend with each day.

Your choice of media will help determine how successful your business becomes, so get to know all of your options.

John Sollars started his company in 2002 and has watched the printing industry evolve over time. With a passion for writing and for helping people, he likes to share what he has learned over the years. Look for his illuminating posts on many websites and blogs.


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