Top Ways for Leaders to Stay Motivated


Staff often looks to their leaders in order to stay focused and motivated, but where do leaders themselves look when they need to stay fired up for a goal or project? How do leaders get motivated? If you are analyzing your skills and doing a personal leadership assessment, this is one area you should evaluate.

How you stay motivated may vary depending on the kind of leadership style you prefer, but it’s an important feature no matter how you run your business, group or project team.

Take a Look Back

One good way to stay focused on the future with fresh eyes is to take stock of the past. Make a solid list of what’s been accomplished so far, as well as what hasn’t worked. Being reminded of past successes is a wonderful way to find new energy to tackle the present, and seeing older obstacles can help you make better plans in the future. We all learn from our mistakes.

Set Great Goals

It is so easy to get bogged down in any project when you only have one single (and distant) goal to work towards. Plan out a series of smaller tasks and goals instead. Not only do you create a more positive atmosphere because goals are met more frequently to build more job satisfaction, you can make more efficient plans by breaking up a project into smaller pieces.

With each smaller goal achieved, take time to acknowledge your group’s success and offer feedback and praise on how you got there.

Stay in Touch

Being the group leader doesn’t mean you should let yourself be isolated from the rest. It also doesn’t mean that your ideas are the only ones with value. Get some interest brewing in your project by taking other points of view into account and trying to use ideas from a variety of people. Take the time to talk to your staff or group and see what they have to say. Act on their suggestions whenever you can.

Not only does this help develop news ideas and keep your team functioning together, it can help motivate you as a leader to hear new ideas and new lines of thinking.

Take a Break

Staff may look to a leader during the workday, but you can’t be in the spotlight 24/7. That just leads to exhaustion and burn-out, and you can’t stay motivated for others in that kind of shape. Plan time to get away from work, or whatever project you’re involved in, and do something else you enjoy. You’ll bring a refreshed outlook back to work and a motivated leader will soon get his staff pumped up too.

Make use of some or all of these strategies to keep your leadership on track and highly motivated. Never assume that the drive of a leader matters any less than the drive of your people. Nothing gets a team working better than a leader who clearly has a fire of motivation all their own.


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