Useful Hints for Excellent Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important marketing tools available in the world today. It is essentially a way of working that makes sure that your website is found on the major search engines, with Google being the most important one. Everybody knows that businesses can no longer succeed if they don’t have a website, but it is about more than that. Having a website is pointless if nobody can find it, after all. The practice of SEO is all about making sure that your customers come across your website when they are looking for products or services that you deliver.

The best way to do this is through ‘organic’ means, which means that people come to your site without you having to pay them for it. There are also a number of paid methods that do also have fantastic effects, but a true SEO expert will focus most strongly on organic traffic. Below are some hints that you can use to get the most out of your SEO efforts.

Useful Hints and Tips

When you are thinking about the content of your website, you should start by identifying about 12 keywords that have something to do with the topic of your site. You need to make sure that these keywords are included in the title of your site, the body of text and the descriptions. Search engines have robots that scour webpages, looking specifically for these types of keywords. When they do, they will index you. However, it has to be relevant. You cannot simply fill a whole page with one keyword and assume to get a high ranking. Rather, this will make you incur a penalty.

You should also make sure you keep your title and description tags short. The robots prefer title tags that are less than 10 words in length. Description tags can go up to 14 words. The reason for this is that readers have a limited attention span, and they need to be able to quickly see whether or not your site is interesting to them.

Going back to content, you have to make sure that the topics of your website are relevant to your product or service, as well as to your audience. This is where you need to enter your keywords once again, but you must do that in such a way that it doesn’t appear to be keyword stuffing. If the robots decided that the quality of your content is poor due to keyword stuffing, you will lose points.

Do also use images and graphics and Alt tag these with a relevant and appropriate keyword. Do not us flash images or graphics if you can avoid them. This is because the search engine robots often find it difficult to read these. Similarly, if you want to include tables, they should be straightforward, rather than being built on frames. Robots have limited capacity, although they are being improved on an almost daily basis.

These tips are all very simple, but very efficient. Overall, however, it is best to hire an expert to really make a difference.


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