What Are the Best Kind of Staff to Hire for a Call Center?


Call centers are an essential part of operations for all sorts of businesses, of all different sizes. They allow companies to give their customers access to helpful, knowledgeable people who will help resolve their issues, whether it is a case of needing technical support, questions about billing, or even buying new services. Of course, call centers depend very much on the people who work in them – a call center with staff who don’t do the job well may actually have a worse effect on your brand’s reputation than no call center option for your customers at all. So what kind of people do professional outsourced call center companies, like well known industry experts Ameridial, choose to man their phone lines?

People Who Are Calm Under Pressure

One feature that call center staff definitely need is the ability to remain calm under pressure. When you are on the end of the phone, you are dealing with people’s problems in real time. You have no way to predict what your next call will be about, but you will have to talk to the caller and respond to them immediately. For many call center workers there are also other forms of pressure, such as having targets on how many callers to deal with in a given time, or even having items they are expected to promote or sell during their calls. All of this can make it a very tough job for people who are easily flustered or who panic when put under pressure!

People Who Are Resilient

Sometimes, people call call centers when they are at the end of their patience with something, or because the company has made a mistake that is causing them serious problems. Depending on the kind of company it is, sometimes the problems customers call up with can be ones that really affect their lives – for example if they have erroneously received a huge bill, or the bank that they use has done something that has caused them immediate financial problems. Understandably, people in these situations feel angry at the company they are calling, or are frustrated. This means they can want to vent at the person they talk to. It is not uncommon for people who work in call centers to be on the receiving end of insults and cursing, so it is better for people who work in this environment to be thick skinned and not easily upset. People who can remain calm and truly listen to the customer, no matter how angry or upset they are, make the best call center operators.

Fast Learning

Another skill you will need in order to work efficiently in a call center is a good memory and the ability to learn fast. You will need to know the products range you are supporting and selling very well, as well as processes like billing, and these may be subject to change quite often. Being fast to learn and adaptable is therefore key.

Working in a call center can be a rewarding job, as you get to help people and talk to new people all day. However, it really isn’t for everyone, and like most roles, call center jobs do require a very specific skill set.


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