What to do when you have been Charged with Drug Possession


Drug charges can happen to anyone, and the most seemingly ethical and honest of people may have their entire reputation destroyed and their careers put in jeopardy due to them being arrested for being found in possession of drugs.

It is not always hardened criminals who get arrested for drug possession, sometimes it is just a person who uses them for recreational reasons, and has an otherwise spotless demeanour and conduct. For this reason, CEGA Criminal Law is here to help those who would otherwise never find themselves in a criminal law case.

Following an Arrest

It can be a very disorienting and shocking experience being arrested for drugs. Engaging in the buying of drugs is a very scary process in the first place, what with having to meet often intimidating drug dealers in open public spaces, where a policeman could very easily spot you.

Drug charges are one of the most common cases in the American court of law, generally regarding small amounts of drugs that were for personal use. While the procedure for dealing with these only too prevalent cases has become a somewhat automatic routine by now, an individual still has a chance to fight for their case, provided they have the right professionals on their side.

The Methodology of Leniency

As mentioned above, minor drug charges are among the most frequent and mundane of cases. With the rising levels of crime in major cities such as Las Vegas, many public employees find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of cases they have to handle, both minor and severe.

A prosecutor that has to handle a multitude of drug charges for possession, on top of all of the other more pertinent crimes they have to establish, may not be that tentative when handling another run of the mill drug possession charge.

One of the best ways to overwhelm a prosecutor burdened with such a heavy workload would be to treat your case with the severity of something like a first degree murder charge. With that in mind, the amount of work you will need from the prosecutor will now increase tenfold, when they now have to work with the creation of multiple depositions, requests for documents, and a great increase in the level of administrative and procedural work in general.

This can easily wear the prosecutor down to the level where he or she may actually just end up dropping the case completely when the mounting legal work for a petty case becomes more effort than it is worth. Even if you do not end up without any legal consequences, the severity of your charges may be lessened.

Being Careful with your Strategy

While this methodology may indeed cause you to win against a prosecutor and buy you your freedom, it may backfire quite badly if the prosecutor sees through your tactics and decides to take a greater investment for the sake of beating such a cunning attempt.


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