Why Your Student Needs a Printer


imagesEveryone has a printer, right? It’s hard to imagine not having one, but most students are unlucky in that respect. When your child goes away to college, he’s leaving the family printer behind. What’s he going to do at school. Schools have printers, you say? That might be true, but they aren’t always open for student use – and they sometimes have strict limitations on how the printer may be used. Don’t let your student suffer.

For Homework

Printers are probably best used for homework. Even though most assignments are done on a computer these days, they still have to be handed in. Students that do homework assignments using popular word processors often find themselves held up in a library or in their dorm room. If they’re stuck in their room, odds are that they can’t print out what they need, and students often work late into the evening to complete assignments for the next day.

You don’t need to buy your child the most expensive printer. Mostly, it just needs to be able to print both black and white as well as color. Laser printers tend to work just fine, though ink printers might have a higher resolution and are often better for printing photos and some types of graphs.

The type of printer that you buy largely depends on the coursework that your student will be taking. Is she an art major? She might need something a little more robust that if she’s an English major.

For Jobs

You might think that your student will be spending most of his time working on schoolwork. While it’s true that a great majority of the time spent at a university involves studying, some students need a job to pay for basic living expenses.

Employers are always looking for the best candidate but, today, everyone looks the same. What will make your child stand out? Having a higher-quality application than everyone else. Of course grades and work experience count, but many students just don’t have years of work experience. They have to project a professional image and a sense of responsibility – something that a high-quality printer can help out with.

For Charity and Social Clubs

Many students like to join social clubs or help local charities. Because these kinds of organizations often operate on a shoestring budget, it’s common for them to ask volunteers to use their own computers and printers for things like banners, fliers, and even business cards.

A decent printer can handle all of these tasks, and then some – but again, schools are often reluctant to allow students to use university property for things that are not directly related to the student’s education.

For Fun

Not everything in life is utilitarian. Sometimes, students just want to have fun. After all, they spend most of their week studying and working. When they have downtime, they may want to print out papers to share with friends, print pictures they took at the last sorority party, or just create collages to send home.

Mark White is a professor at a University. He loves to write about his tips for students on education blogs. Click to get more info on Phoenix Direct.

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